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Why should I buy a home in Mulund?

January 16, 2020 | Silky Malhotra

Why should I buy a home in Mulund?

Mumbai has for long been one of the poshest and most sought after destinations for residential purpose. This had become possible primarily due to the advanced infrastructure and lavish lifestyle in Mumbai. People from across India have been flocking to Mumbai to experience the lifestyle there. However, the main city of Mumbai is now getting saturated, as a result of which, the development is spreading to its suburbs. Underdeveloped, rural townships are now turning into posh residential hubs coveted by homebuyers who seek to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. Mulund is one such suburb of Mumbai. This region has grown into a major residential hub, offering everything one would need in order to enjoy a lifestyle of class and grandeur.

Inhabitants of Mulund enjoy excellent connectivity to the rest of the city, as Mumbai has a well-developed network of roads, railway and metro rail. One can easily get across to work or to other places of interest. The port and the international airport of Mumbai also offer connectivity to other cities and even countries. This is a major attraction for those who travel a lot or own businesses which involve import and export of goods.

The social infrastructure of Mumbai and of Mulund is worth mentioning. The city boasts of some of the country’s best hospitals, thus ensuring reliable healthcare to the residents. The academic sector is also advanced, with a number of reputed schools lying within easy access from homes in Mulund. Shopping malls, banks, ATMs, restaurants, etc. are available in plenty and offer the residents a variety of options to pick from. The entertainment amenities one can enjoy here suit the posh lifestyle offered in housing projects in Mulund. A number of multiplexes, theme parks, etc. are located here, offering plenty of recreation. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is located next to Mulund, offering the inhabitants enough greenery and fresh air.

The commercial sector in Mumbai is hard to ignore. Mumbai is one of the largest commercial hubs in India, with a number of SEZs and business districts. Several top companies from various sectors have set up here, offering lucrative job opportunities. You would also enjoy excellent business prospects in Mumbai, as the city has a good market for a variety of goods. Moreover, the quick connectivity features are a major advantage for business in Mumbai. All these factors have given rise to a demand for rental homes in Mumbai, which implies that you can earn a lump sum amount of rent from a home here.

Developed by the reputed Kalpataru Group, Kalpataru Elitus is a residential complex offering classy 1.5 BHK, 2BHK, 3 BHK and 3.5 BHK apartments in Mulund. This estate offers a plethora of amenities which would help you lead a lavish lifestyle. Buying a home here would be a good investment.

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